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Uniontech Company always pursue our goal, “Above and Beyond of Customer Satisfaction, it is Customer Elation”, by standing our customer’s side.

Our Mission

Value Creation via Technical Innovation

Safety Management via HSE Habituality

Customer Satisfaction via Trust Reliability

Ethical Management via Company IDEAL

Uniontech Company

With the “Our Mission” statement, we would always pursue technical innovative company inproviding products and services in customers’ point of view


UNIONTECH COMPANY shall accompany you in finding the solutions which the obstacles, issues, and difficulties that you will face.

We, UNIONTECH COMPANY, shall always fulfill our customers’ satisfaction via continuous research & development.


DECEMBER: Establishment of UNIONTECH at Halong City in VietNam.


JANUARY: Register The UNIONTECH company at MongDuong II TPP as Subcontractor.

MARCH: Open The Site Office at MongDuong II TPP.

  1. Mong Duong 2 TKV Viet Nam (AES-VCM)
    1. All of LED Lighting Replacement at Coal Shed Storage Building A and B.
    2. #1,2 Installation the Pressure Transmitter and Pressure Gauge at Tertiary Air Duct.
    3. #1,2 Instrument Calibration at Outage.
    4. AES Housing Telephone System Installation
    5. Construction the Security Guard Room
    6. Supply Electrical and I&C Materials, Valves and Pipes
    7. Manpower Supply for Maintenance of Electrical and I&C.
  2. Mong Duong 1 TKV Viet Nam (Hyundai E&C)
    1. Supply sub material like Bolt & Fitting materials
    2. Supply Electrical and I&C Materials, Valves and Pipes.
    3. Supply Manpower for Maintenance of Mechanical and E&I.


  1. Mong Duong 2 TKV Viet Nam (AES-VCM)
    1. #1,2 Morgan Ceramic Injection at Boiler Wall for Prevent Heat Loss
    2. #2 Instrument Calibration at Outage
    3. Supply Materials for Instrument, Tube and Fittings
    4. Supply Electrical and I&C Materials, Valves and Pipes
    5. Manpower Supply for Maintenance of Electrical and I&C.
    6. Construction the security building.
    7. Supply and installation Led system at Coal Shed.
    8. Scaffolding engineering service.
    9. Manpower Supply for Maintenance of Mechanical and E&I.


  1. Mong Duong 2 TKV Viet Nam (AES-VCM).
    1. Supply service pulling cable.
    2. Supply and installation valve system U1&2.
    3. Design and install interior of electrical maintenance office
    4. Supply, install relocation safety eyewash at gypsum building.
    5. Supply, install Service water & Instrument air hose tie-in to Limestone CV03.
    6. Extend granting for both absorber cos 55M.
  2. Teasung Hitech Vina.
    1. Supply tools, equipment.
  3. Dusking Co., Ltd.
    1. Manpower supply for Vacuum cleaning system.
  4. Howden Viet Nam.
    1. Supply brokerage contracts heating elements baskets.


  1. Mong Duong 2 Viet Nam (AES-VCM)
    1. Supply, revise and installation Booth phone, alarm and signal.
    2. Supply and installation Parker Acoustic DC75 system for outage time.
    3. Relocate SA PT Panel of #1 & 2.
      Windows Installation at Workshop.
  2. Dossan SH1.
    1. Supply SDI test kit, Filters for SDI Testing, Iron Analysis Reagent.


Uniontech Company is operating the organization with valuing the motto, “Safety First”, via having HSE experts on regular education and site working

We promise you in providing the satisfaction via non-stop research and development.